Lonesome Highway - Review

Lonesome Highway - Review

Drew Young Bourbon and Bad Decisions Self Release

This album came with little information but on searching further it transpires that the release date was June 2022 and the fourteen songs were a “collection of previously releases singles, remastered singles, live versions and never before released singles.”

My copy of the album has only twelve tracks included but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment factor. The arrangements and melodies are very bright and clean in the overall production and mastering. These are songs of loss and longing. The lessons learned are hard fought and the insights gained are worth the pain in the end.

Young sounds like Gorden Lightfoot across a number of these tracks with a resonance in his voice that is both deep and resonant. The title track references the road taken by Young in getting sober and joining the ranks of the ‘Friends of Bill.’   The nice groove and rhythm is similar to other tracks like You’re Just Too Good To Let Go, Falling Down and It’ll Be Soon. Another song The Geogia Line is similar in tempo to a Richard Marx hit, Hazard, from some years ago.

Stuck On Believing and A Couple Of Rounds Before I Go are two highlights with some sweet guitar and keyboard sounds filling the arrangements and excellent background vocals from an uncredited female voice that is impressive and succeeds in lifting the songs to a sweeter spot. This release will give you a strong impression of a consistent and strong song-writing quality and an urge to check our more of this artist’s back catalogue.