Listen to the NEW single:
Lord, I’m Scared



The Drew Young Band has been around in one form or another for the better part of 2 decades. Drew has been crisscrossing the globe soaking up stories and experiences and translating the human experience into songs of longing, love, loss, and learning. The music of Drew is a wholly original experience; some have called him the Americana Crooner, a moniker that fits him well. Drew has remained active over the years and has written songs and helmed the producer’s chair for other artists, handling A&R duties for record labels and brands and has been a fixture in the global music business.


Recently, Drew has just finished an epic recording session in Nashville with some of the top session players in Music City which resulted in a whopping 27 completed songs! The first batch of songs was released in early 2019. Look for the rest of these songs to be released in batches of singles and EP’s. 2019 also finds Drew ramping up his live appearances in select markets with some of the highlights being the Maverick Festival in the UK, Live at Heart in Sweden, New Orleans and New York.


Refreshingly honest, defiantly original and always mercurial and insightful, Drew’s music is sure to connect and resonate.